Friday, August 10, 2012

Maribell Clay

Hey everyone this is my new sim named Maribell Clay. Maribell was born and raised in Lucky Plams. She's sweet and calm, sometimes even a little hot-headed. She has a great sense of humor, your average funny type. She's a great kisser when it comes to the boy's. Maribell is also an brave daredevil so she's down to do anything her friends want her to do. Maribell's favorite color is red and her zodiac sign is an Aries. Maribell's life time wish is to become a perfessional singer. 

Custom Content CreditsHair 1 | Hair 2 | Skin | Eyeliner Eyelashes | Eyes | Mole | Piercing | Bracelets | Lips | Everyday | Sleepwear | Formal | Athletic wear | Swimwear |

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Sunday, April 01, 2012

Avery Miller

♥ Avery - By Simszzy 

Please Do Not Redistribute My Sims...

Custom Content List

Hair - Cazy
Eyebrows - MissDaydreams
Eyelashes - S-Club
Lipstick - S-Club (N11)
Eye shadow - Tifa (Eyebag V3)
Eyeliner - S-Club

Everyday Outfit - Ernhn
Everyday Boots - Simsimay
Formal Outfit - Hasel
Formal Shoes - Lilisims
Pajamas Outfit - Hasel
Athletic Outfit - (Pets)
Swimming-Suit - (Rusty Nail)

This Sim Requires The Following Body Slider Mods:

Friday, March 30, 2012

Bianca Kinnear

Bianca By - Simszzy 

Please do not redistribute my sims, 
 Enjoy everyone!!  

Custom Content:
Eyes - Flajko
Facial Blush - Tifa
Lipstick - Tifa
Skin - (Ephemera) Non-replacement version download
Eyebrows -  R2mcreations
Eyeliner - S-Club Privée
Hair - Newseasims
Shirt - ekinege
Pants - BluElla
Shoes - Altea127
Belly Button Tattoo - Snaitf
Navel Piercing - Ladyfrontbum
Hair - Newsea
Earrings - Lorandiasims3
Dress  - Harmonia09
Shoes  -  Miraminkova
Hair - Newsea
Dress -  Harmonia09
Hair - Newseasims 
Outfit - Hasel
Swimming-suit -  Harmonia09

This Sim Requires the following body slider mods:
Jasumi (Lip), Jonha (Full Body) CalienaS3B (facial), #aWT (Jaw, Forehead, Nose)