Name - Leslie
Gender - Female
Birthday - 3/6/95
Age - 17
My Sim Traits - Shy, Friendly, Flirty, Perfectionist, Clumsy
My Favorite Music Genre - Rock, Pop, Classical
My Favorite Movie - Snow White

Self Description
Hey I’m Leslie and welcome to my blogger. I love doing Sims 3 photography. I use to make Sims 2 photography but I’ve moved up a step, In fact I love photography so much I’m already taking classes on it. I’m at the age of seventeen and it’s complicated, well being in the 11th grade in all. Usually on weekends I have a little free time to actually play Sims 3. Sometimes I can’t play because I’m too damn busy with homework or projects due. I mainly can’t even play the game or do anything but work.
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